What is a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Games is an online casino that exclusively uses Bitcoin! We are provably fair, offer anonymous and instant registration, and offer several popular games. Our game style is based off of the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas. There is a 99% expected return on all games, instant payouts and you can play from anywhere in the world using Bitcoin.

Play with confidence! We guarantee that every casino game you play at Bitcoin Games is completely fair. You will be dealt a completely random deck of cards every game, and we can provably demonstrate that we have in no way manipulated the shuffle. Instead of just taking our word for it, we make available all of the information you need to verify that our game is fair. You verifiably prove each game by going to your MY GAMES section of the casino to review the unique server seed and your unique client seed.

Slots jackpot increases incrementally. Click on the image to learn more about it.

Play Bitcoin Games!

We have all the popular and best rated games available in our casino. From poker to roulette to craps, we have a variety of games to play for everyone.

Video poker is a casino game based on five-card draw poker and is one of our more popular games. Video poker lets you make your own game-play choices. That means you actually have some control over the outcome of the hands you play. Play for small or large stakes!

Play Video Poker

Blackjack is classic casino game and is a variant of a globally popular game known as Twenty-One. Blackjack is a comparing card game between players and a dealer, where each player competes against the dealer, but players do not play against each other.

Play Blackjack

Roulette is great for beginners who want to play an easy and fun game. In roulette, there are no "sides" and everyone can make the same bet if they want. Place your bets by clicking the roulette table. Press SPIN to play.

Play Roulette

We've all seen crowds around the Craps table causing commotion. This can be your chance to join in! Craps is a dice game in which players make bets on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. Craps doesn't require skills and is easy to play and is a lot of fun!

Play Craps

Keno is a lottery-like game and takes luck and patience. Keno is a favorite among many and can be fast-paced that allows you to choose how many numbers to play. Pick your number using QUICKPICK or clicking on the keno board to play.

Play Keno

Slots is another classic casino game. Did you know that slot machines are also known as one-armed bandits because of the one lever on the side? Slots is a game with with three or more reels which you spin. Choose how many lines you want to play then spin the reels!

Play Slots

Dice if a very simple game with chances to win big with progressive jackpots. Each time a player makes a wager and plays the game, the jackpot size increases. To play Dice, adjust PAYOUT and WIN ODDS to your liking. Choose to ROLL HIGH or ROLL LOW.

Play Dice

Satoshi Circle is Bitcoin.com's very own casino game based off the famous money wheel, also known as the wheel of fortune. The format is really easy - simply place the amount you want to bet, then press SPIN to play!

Play Satoshi Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

What does provably fair mean?

We guarantee games are provably fair because your web browser supplies a random number that we must include into the random number generator in a provably consistent way. Our server first shuffles the deck, and your computer then gives us a random number that we must use to repeatedly cut the deck. Since our servers do not know what random number your computer will send, we have no way of knowing the results of the shuffle.

Where do I get a Bitcoin wallet?

You will need a Bitcoin wallet to send and receive Bitcoin. This is important for when you Buy Bitcoin (so you can send the purchased Bitcoin to your wallet) and also for when you win in the casino. You will need to send your Bitcoin to your wallet when you are done playing when you are ready to withdraw. To get a Bitcoin wallet, go to Wallet.Bitcoin.com and download the wallet for your operating system or mobile device.

How do I buy Bitcoin for the casino?

If you don't have any Bitcoin yet before playing in the casino games, you'll need to convert some of your local currency to Bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin on Bitcoin.com to get started. The process is streamlined for you and you can pay with your credit card such as Visa or Mastercard.

What is the casino house edge?

The largest house edge in all of our games is only 0.5% (half of a percent). This is better than any casino in Vegas by far. To see each individual game's house edge, click on the casino FAQs. Also in the FAQ, you can find even more frequently asked questions for our casino to help you along the way!

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